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June 2015
Becoming a Patient Advocate: Dr. Robin McGee
Jun 1, 2015 12:00 PM

This is part of a series called 'Spotlight', where we shed light on some of the amazing work being done by informed patients and family caregivers from across Canada.

We spoke with Dr. Robin McGee, a registered Clinical Psychologist, author and Patient Advocate about her patient experience and what drove her to become involved in improving the patient experience in her community and beyond.

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April 2015

Open Meeting: Workshop on The Changing Relationship
Apr 27, 2015 3:52 PM

On April 23 we hosted a workshop to explore the impact of illness on the individual, in relationships and in family life. We discussed the complex emotions involved in illness and caregiving, such as loss of identity and changes in family structure, as well as the many positive aspects of caregiving.

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February 2015

Changing the way we think about family caregivers
Feb 24, 2015 1:53 PM

There are over 8.1 million family caregivers across Canada, yet we are invisible.

How did this happen? Family caregivers are not healthcare professionals or patients. We are not viewed as the source of knowledge and healing or the locus of pain. We are not only unrecognized as a member of a patient’s health care team, but we are also isolated in managing the complex issues that arise during caregiving, and this is why many of us feel invisible.

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Your insight on hospital nutrition

You're invited to join a patient and caregiver panel to help guide improvement in nutrition care in Canada's hospitals. Please consider working with us as your input is essential.

To learn more, email communications@patientscanada.ca


  • participated in a meeting to plan a Patient Partnership Planning workshop
  • reviewed research applications for TVN
  • participated in a meeting on community engagement

Tell us how you're bringing the patient voice to healthcare. Email us at communications@patientscanada.ca


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