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Learn about websites and resources offering meaningful information about and in support of patient and family caregiver engagement as partners in healthcare.

Patient Voices Network (PVN) is a network of B.C. patients and family caregivers who use their experience to make positive change in the healthcare system. Patient Partners represent a variety of backgrounds, cultures and age groups, but all share a commitment to working collaboratively within the health care system toward positive change. Patient Voices Network is funded by the BC Ministry of Health.

The Patients Included Charter provides entities with a means of demonstrating their commitment to incorporating the experience and insight of patients into their organisations by ensuring that they are neither excluded nor exploited in conference or event organization and implementation.

Created in May 2015 via crowdsourcing, the Charter contains five clauses based on Lucien Englen’s astute observation that too many health-related conferences lack patients on the planning committee, on stage, and in the audience. Conferences that meet the criteria as set out in the Charter have the right to use the “Patients Included” logo.

This Resource Toolkit for Engaging Patient and Families at the Planning Table was created by Alberta Health Services as a concrete tool for health care professionals to guide their efforts partnering with patients and family caregivers. It outlines the foundational concepts of patient engagement, highlights important considerations around diversity and expectations when planning engagement programs, and it includes material to streamline volunteer orientation and more.

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The Change Foundation created the Rules of Engagement: Lessons from PANORAMA to share its knowledge and findings from two years of meaningful patient engagment work with a panel of patients and family caregivers from across Ontario. These reports and other media unpack a range of issues related to improving people’s health care experience.

These resources also serve as a robust resource for health providers and professionals, outlining key moments in the engagement process that require extra thought and preparation.

Sharing Your Health Care Story To Improve Quality is a tool to share with patients - it looks at how to share health care stories to help educate, inform and inspire positive change.

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Should money come into it? is a report created by The Change Foundation. It asks the question, 'should patient and family caregiver participants be paid?' Patients Canada contributed to this concise but important report.

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