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Resources for healthcare providers

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Practical Wisdom Tools are two-page documents that provide simple guidelines for how healthcare providers can improve patient experiences in hospitals (and in some cases, in other healthcare environments as well), all based on research. These are compiled by Alberta Health Services, and endorsed by Patients Canada and Alberta Health Services Patient & Family Advisory Group.

For healthcare providers

This Resource Toolkit for Engaging Patient and Families at the Planning Table was created by Alberta Health Services as a concrete tool for health care professionals to guide their efforts partnering with patients and family caregivers. It outlines the foundational concepts of patient engagement, highlights important considerations around diversity and expectations when planning engagement programs, and it includes material to streamline volunteer orientation and more.

1,663 KB

The Change Foundation created the Rules of Engagement: Lessons from PANORAMA to share its knowledge and findings from two years of meaningful patient engagment work with a panel of patients and family caregivers from across Ontario. These reports and other media unpack a range of issues related to improving people’s health care experience.

These resources also serve as a robust resource for health providers and professionals, outlining key moments in the engagement process that require extra thought and preparation.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Patients to Improve Health Outcomes considers small and large processes that providers can implement in order to gain the patient and family perspective on many issues.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Patients PDF 506 KB

Speak Up's Resource Library offers supportive, evidence-based material for families, community organizers, health care professionals and educators. You will find diverse guides and templates that describe the process of advance care planning and why it is important, as well as tips and resources for engaging in planning.

Teach Back outlines how a health care provider can ensure ensure the patient has retains and understands important information related to their health.

Teach Back PDF 524 KB

The Art of Active Listening outlines the key components of active listening which can reduce patient anxiety and improve satisfaction.

The Art of Active Listening PDF 432 KB

The Power of Leadership is a tool for healthcare leaders to see how they can advance the practice of Patient and Family Centred Care.

578 KB

The White Rose Program describes a simple process that can increase staff awareness of patients who are in the process of dying, in order to foster a more quiet and compassionate environment for those patients.

The White Rose Program PDF 498 KB

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