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Open Meeting

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Toronto General Hospital, Eaton Wing, first floor #429-430

Please join us for a seminar on The Stages of Caregiving, led by Sara Shearkhani and Carole Ann Alloway.

No one is born a family caregiver. The transition is not linear but continual, and you're constantly learning. In this seminar, family caregivers Sara Shearkhani and Carole Ann Alloway will share their insight on the different stages that you or someone you love may experience as an informal caregiver.

Sara Shearkhani has been a family caregiver to her husband, a cancer patient, since 2012. Before his diagnosis, she was a Ph.D student of Economics, but life after cancer prompted her to switch to health policy and management. She is now a patient and community engagement researcher with the goal of becoming a Ph.D student in the near future.

Carole Ann Alloway is a retired human resources manager. Carole Ann has been a caregiver for the last seven years, and she has providing full-time care for the last 18 months. Carole Ann advocates for recognition and inclusion of caregivers within the health care system as well as advocating for their physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

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