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Stories can lead to change

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Connecting the dots

How patient experiences can make an impact.

Connecting the dots

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The patient experience has to change.

Our experiences with health care - the good and the bad - can help us better understand what works and what needs to improve from the patient perspective.

Working with stories

We are collecting and working with patient and caregiver stories to:

  • Stories: Gather patient experiences through community engagement and purposeful conversations
  • Discuss: Examine and identify the key priorities and themes that emerge from the experiences
  • Target: Identify targets for change from the patient perspective
  • Co-design: Partner with the health care community to co-design improvements
  • Change: Support the recommended changes to policies, processes and training
  • Impact: Evaluate the changes using targets as reference to understand the impact

Please note: Read our privacy policy to understand how we use your personal information. It is our policy to anonymize all stories so to protect the persons and institutions involved.

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