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November 2013
Bringing the patient voice to digital health
Nov 13, 2013 10:59 AM

The Toronto Hacking Health Hackathon 2013 was a huge success! 

Some 350 people --Piecing together digital health solutions

  • healthcare professionals
  • designers
  • project managers
  • programmers
  • mentors - including 3 Patients Canada advisers

came together and built 42 projects.  Our advisers/mentors helped to bring the patient voice to the design of the projects. For a project to succeed, patients need to find the software interface intuitive, relevant and engaging.

These projects are targeting ways of enhancing patient knowledge, patient choice, patient driven problem-solving and patient decision-making.  This helps the patient and families manage their own progress through the healthcare system with higher quality and lower cost outcomes.  

There were also projects helping a person stay healthy; preventing illness, enhancing the quality of life, keeping people out of hospitals and lowering the total cost of healthcare.  It's very exciting to see clever, innovative people using their skills and knowledge of technology to develop projects that will potentially make the healthcare system more effective for patients and their families.  

The food was good too!    

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