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Emily Nicholas Angl, Patient Advisor

Subi Bhandari, Board Member

Formed in 2011, Patients Canada (formerly the Patients’ Association of Canada) is a national, independent organization that champions health care change that matters to patients. As the culture within health care continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for patients to partner in guiding improvement in many areas of health care and across care settings. Patients Canada has pioneered the practice of bringing the authentic patient voice to health care decision-making, ensuring decisions reflect patient priorities.

Join us!

Our community is comprised of Canadians from all walks of life who share our goal of an improved patient experience. Join our growing community and stay up to date on our work to improve the patient experience, learn about innovative practices and programs that are making a difference, and share your experience and insights on topics that matter to you.

Our Mission

Patients Canada champions a health care system that works for patients.

Our Vision

Patients Canada speaks with the authentic voice of the patient community across Canada, acting on our commitment to shape health care policy and improve the delivery of health care at all levels. We ensure that patients are engaged as equal partners in decision making with government and the health care community to improve the patient experience and to achieve outcomes that matter to patients.

Our Approach

Continuous and attentive listening to the experience-based voice of patients and family caregivers across Canada.

Collaborative partnerships with health care stakeholders committed to developing a patient-centred culture, including governments, health care providers and like-minded organizations.

Education and training of patients and family caregivers to build their knowledge and confidence for greater impact across all levels of health care.

Involvement in the full cycle of change in all collaborations, beginning with problem identification, to design, implementation and evaluation.

Pan-Canadian lens that is inclusive and representative of the diversity of patient and caregiver experiences across Canada.

Our Values

  • Impatience on behalf of patients

  • Standing with patients

  • Speaking patient truth to those with power

  • Fearless action

  • Passion for broader good

  • Innovation with patients

  • Tenacious advocacy

  • Relentless pursuit

  • Practical and meaningful solutions

  • Disruption

  • Transparency



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Patients Canada was registered as a charity in Canada January 1, 2011 under our old name the Patients' Association of Canada.

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