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Our experiences are making an impact! Learn about our areas of work and the projects and partnerships that are championing real, concrete improvements to our experiences with health care.

Using Patient Experience to Improve Health care

We are deeply influenced by the experiences shared with us over the years - the good and the bad. Your shared experiences help us understand what it means to be patient and family-centred. Learn more.

Key Performance Targets (KPTs) for Patient and Family-Centred Care

We have developed a unique approach of deriving Key Performance Targets (KPTs) from our experiences as patients and family caregivers. By analyzing your stories we can identify the exact points where your health experience was good, or where it could have been improved. Learn more.

  • We collaborated on Health Quality Ontario's Primary Care Performance Measurement Initiative, where alongside other patients and health professionals we integrated our KPTs to ensure patient representation in determining the metrics used to measure our experiences with health care. Learn more.
  • We partnered with the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO) to develop a patient survey aimed at understanding what matters most to patients and family caregivers in their patient-doctor relationships. Select KPTs formed the basis of that survey. Learn more.

Patients' Choice Awards

The Patients' Choice Awards is a celebration of providers who exemplify a commitment to the well-being of patients and their families. By recognizing providers with this award, we help to raise awareness to the quality of care that patients value. Learn more.

  • We have publicly acknowledged more than 30 providers who understand and appreciate the notion of "patients as partners"
  • Through their nominations, patients and family caregivers draw from their experiences to help determine what constitutes patient and family-centred care
  • Participating communities promote a standard of excellence that is a direct reflection of the kind of care that patients value

Educating for Patient Partnerships

We work with healthcare organizations to help them understand how to partner with patients and family caregivers, and to integrate these perspectives into their policies, practices and services.

Patient Advisor Partnerships

Patient Advisors are individuals who are experienced at bringing the patient perspective to health care discussions and initiatives in constructive ways. Through partnerships with health organizations, Patient Advisors share their insight to inform quality improvement and measurement.

  • We collaborated on Health Quality Ontario's Patient Experience Measurement Committee to assess the measurement tools currently used to understand the quality of the patient experience
  • We have participated on Health Quality Ontario's Patient Engagement Learning Resources Workshop, which is ongoing, to help define useful resources and tools to engage patients and family caregivers
  • We worked with Saint Elizabeth Healthcare, as well as various Local Integration Health Networks (LHINs), to develop strategies for meaningful partnership with patients and family caregivers
  • We partnered with Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) on various initiatives aimed at illuminating effective means of engagement from the patient perspective

Supporting Patient and Family Advisors

Patients and family caregivers are experts in their own care. As such, they play an integral role in guiding improvement from the patient perspective. Through training and peer support, we collaborate with informed and independent Patient and Family Advisors who speak to our collective understanding of what constitutes patient and family-centred care.

Patient and Family Advisors

We partner with and support informed and independent Patient and Family Advisors to share their perspectives and insights toward the goal of constructive collaborations with the health care system.

  • We foster peer support so that Patient and Family Advisors can learn from one another and grow as part of a community of like-minded people, and together we broaden our collective understanding of patient and family-centred care
  • We research and develop practical tools and resources to support real patient engagement across health care, learn more
  • We are reaching across Canada to engage patients and family caregivers working independently within health care improvement, as we believe that we're stronger together

Research & Publish from the Patient Perspective

Historically, patients have been passive subjects of research. We move beyond this to initiate research that both advances our understanding of the patient perspective and allows for us to collaborate with healthcare organizations to develop patients as informed and engaged research partners.

Patients and Caregivers in Research

We received a five-year grant through the pan-Canadian Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) to implement a novel demonstration project to understand how patients and caregiver can be active partners in health research, from beginning to end. Learn more.

  • We contributed to CIHR's Patient Engagement Framework, which was created to establish key concepts, principles and areas for patient engagement to be adopted by all SPOR partners
  • By connecting patients and family caregivers to health research teams, we are developing a fulsome understanding of how these collaborative relationships can lead to more effective research that reflects patient priorities
  • Our network of Patient Advisors are enhancing their skills and understanding of what it means to partner with the research community

Complaints and Compliments

Written from the patient perspective, this resource was created to help patients and family caregivers navigate the often complicated process of submitting a compliment or a formal complaint in the healthcare system, province by province. Learn more.

  • This resource was included in a project led by Health Quality Ontario's to better understand the complaints process in Ontario
  • This resource illuminates the significant barriers that people face in trying to file a formal complaint, as well as the variance in process across provinces
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