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Strategic plan

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Our three-year strategic plan, Putting the Patient in Patient-centred Care, is a roadmap for growing Patients Canada's impact as a pan-Canadian organization that champions health care change that matters to patients.

Building on years of success pioneering the practice of bringing the authentic, experience-based voice of patients and family caregivers to health care decision-making, our strategy moving forward is grounded in driving cultural change to achieve a truly patient-centred health care system.

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Our work ahead on behalf of the patient voice

In order to affect change that matters to patients, we will over the next three years focus on four building blocks that we believe will contribute to a more patient-centred culture.

Building a Patient Movement

We will mobilize and support an informed and diverse online community of patients and family caregivers, engaging with one another and with Patients Canada on relevant and timely topics and issues.

Three-year Goals

> Online community of 50,000 patients and family caregivers

> Community of 300 informed and independent Patient and Family Advisors

Generating and Disseminating Patient Priorities

We will continuously capture, prioritize and communicate experience-based patient priorities and insights.

Three-year Goal

> Patients Canada is the recognized "go to" source of pan-Canadian patient insights through a variety of established tools and activities

Developing Collaborative Partnerships with Decision-makers and Influencers

We will build relationships with diverse partners, including government, health care providers and like-minded organizations, to drive patient-centred health reform.

Three-year Goals

> Established, ongoing collaborations in place across Canada yielding practical and meaningful solutions that matter to patients

> In all collaborations, patients are valued and equal partners

Advocating for Change on Patient Priorities

We will affect change on important and current issues of pan-Canadian relevance, building Patients Canada's impact and presence as champion of the patient voice.

Three-year Goals

> An improved patient experience at the front-line of care

> System-level decisions that reflect patient priorities

> Demonstrable change achieved annually in key areas of patient priority

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