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Conference 2013

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Bringing the Patient Perspective to Healthcare

October 28, Toronto

People - patients, caregivers and others involved in the healthcare -- from across Canada came together all driven by the desire to transform healthcare in Canada by increasing patient involvement.

Two morning panel discussions led by our partners primed us for our own choices of discussion in the afternoon.

Canada Health Infoway
'Digital Health: Improving the Patient Experience'

Presented by Shelagh Maloney, Fraser Ratchford and Judith Morley


Health Council of Canada
'How Patients and Caregivers can Contribute Positively to Better Quality of Care'

For notes taken by our participants from the afternoon discussions, click here.

Letter from an Attendee

"Hello Dr. Glouberman:

The day of the Patients Canada Conference, I got a copy of your book "My Operation." I read it that night, in one sitting - I could not put it down.

As a colorectal cancer patient, I have undergone many of the procedures you described, and some of the same complications, so I responded very strongly to your story. Like you, I was (am) a highly-educated Allied Health Professional, and I was staggered to realize how little that mattered in my own horrific health care. (From the day I walked into a family physican's office with semi-urgent symptoms of colorectal cancer to the day I recieved endoscopy was not 60 days, as recommended by practice standards - but 661 days.)

I have become VERY active in provincial patient advocacy, sitting on five different clinical practice standards committees for Cancer Care Nova Scotia.

I have also written a book about my experiences, which also recounts how my community and I successfully lobbied the NS government to extend the formulary to cover best-practice chemotherapy for my kind of cancer. It is in the proof stage now, hopefully out in the next few months - titled "The Cancer Olympics."

Attending the Patients Canada Conference last week was one of the most significant events of my life. I was gobsmacked and heartwarmed to see a roomful of patients just like me - all striving to have a voice, to improve care, and prevent outcomes like ours.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book, your voice, your work, and for providing us patients with such an opportunity for collective encounter and action."

Dr. Robin McGee
Registered Psychologist
Nova Scotia

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