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Healthcare commentators

Commentators on all aspects of healthcare both Canadian and international; includes patient policy advocates.

CAPCH advocates more involvement by the average Canadian in their healthcare

Dave deBronkart is a speaker and blogger on participatory medicine. An e-patient is empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled. An accomplished speaker and writer in his professional life before his illness, today Dave is actively engaged in opening health care information directly to patients on an unprecedented level, thus creating a new dynamic in how information is delivered, accessed and used by the patient.

Healthy Debate is a Canadian site devoted to providing facts and lively, informed debate on healthcare issues. Both professionals and citizens weigh in on the issues of the day with articles and comments.

National Voices: People Shaping Health and Social Care is a coalition of health and social care charities in the UK that seeks to influence policy.

Patient Destiny's goal is an informed patient: a person who has all the appropriate information in hand and who is, thereby, able to work within the system to obtain the best healthcare services and outcomes. Patients need immediate and timely access to their own health information.

The Change Foundation created the Rules of Engagement: Lessons from PANORAMA to share its knowledge and findings from two years of meaningful patient engagment work with a panel of patients and family caregivers from across Ontario. These reports and other media unpack a range of issues related to improving people’s health care experience.

These resources also serve as a robust resource for health providers and professionals, outlining key moments in the engagement process that require extra thought and preparation.

Ted Ball`s blog takes a systems-thinking approach to the Canadian healthcare scene to share his deep insights clarifying complexity and delivering harsh truths with surprising optimism. Ted has a long background developing health policy and advising and coaching those influencing and implementing policy.

The Change Foundation is an independent health care policy think tank, intent on changing the debate, the practice, and the health care experience in Ontario. Its work includes funding the novel Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare (PATH) project, and initiating and furthering conversations around the needs of Ontario's family caregivers.

The Health Care Blog is a US blog read in every major academic medical center in the country and by physicians at thousands of practices around the United States. THCB features original opinion pieces, commentary reprinted with permission from other blogs, and lots of news and video about many different aspects of health care. On THCB we have had posts from hundreds of authors from across the health care ecosystem.

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