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Manitoba Ministry of Health, Hospital Complaints


You can access healthcare information from the Government of Manitoba web page. Before filing your complaint with a third party, the Ministry of Health recommends speaking directly to your healthcare provider. If this does not resolve the issue, you should direct your concern to the involved hospital, personal care home, or your Regional Health Authority. The website breaks the term Complaints into categories. Included are separate headings for:

Critical Incidents: concerns about events that result in disability, injury, unplanned admission to hospital or other serious consequences.

Protection for persons in care: related to concerns about abuse in a hospital or personal care home.

Concerns other than Critical Incidents: when a complaint does not meet the criteria for a critical incident, including concerns about discrimination.

Helpful tips for navigating the site

Accessing information regarding healthcare complaints is a bit confusing if you are starting at the Government of Manitoba home page. The path to access the Info-Health Guide is shown below:

Click Government (top of home page) > select Key Links (From list at left side of page) > Go to heading Health > click on Info-Health Guide > Once you have accessed the Guide, look for the section What are your rights as a patient?

Contact information for Regional Health Authorities can be found in more than one place on the site, including under the section Critical Incident Reporting. 

Steps in the complaints process

  1. To submit a complaint in Winnipeg, the Critical Incident Reporting Line should be contacted. Outside Winnipeg, you should contact the Regional Health Authority.
  2. If your complaint is deemed a Critical Incident, there will be follow up via a critical incident report. The report is to include all facts about the occurrence (as they become known) including; how the critical incident has affected the patient’s health, any actions already taken, as well as actions recommended for dealing with the stated health effects.
  3. An investigation will take place to establish the facts of the situation and to identify any changes that need to be made to the system in order to minimize the chances of the error happening again.
  4. All facts that have been recorded by investigators, as well as what is being done as a result, are required by legislature to be disclosed to you and/or your family.
  5. Manitoba makes all critical incidents and what was learned from them publicly available at: http://www.wrha.mb.ca/healthinfo/patientsafety/criticalincident/sls.php

Appeals process

The Manitoba Health Appeal Board is a quasi-judicial tribunal whose members are appointed by the legislature. They are not employees or officials of Manitoba Health.

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