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Newfoundland Health Networks:

Eastern Health

Central Health

Western Health


Newfoundland is divided into three Health Regions: Eastern, Western, and Labrador-Grenfell. Each of these Regions is divided geographically into Health Authorities and each Authority handles the complaints within their jurisdiction.  

Helpful tips for navigating the sites

Not all of the Health Regions’ websites provide information on their complaints procedures. Though there does not appear to be a standardized system, the Regions do share some commonalities in their dealings with patients' concerns. In all of the three regions, your complaint will be filed with an Investigations Representative who then assigns a Client Relations Consultant to the case. The consultant will work with you throughout the process. 

Below, we have provided as much information as possible to help guide you in lodging your complaint within each Region. Since it is often unclear where to find the Client Relations' contacts on the websites, we have included them in this guide. We have also included any information we could find on how your complaint will be processed in each region.  For this reason we have omitted the sections, Steps in the Complaints Process and  How long will all this take?.   


The site gives a break down of its Health Authorities and provides some contacts for health services within each Authority.  It explains that the role of a Client Relations Consultant is to help with any feedback (complaints or compliments) regarding services received from Eastern Health. In following with our own recommendations, the Authority advises that you first give your feedback to the person who is providing the service, and if necessary the manager or supervisor for the area. If you are still dissatisfied, Eastern Health then suggests contacting their Client Relations Consultant.

Your contact options are:

Phone: Toll free at 1-877-444-1399 (The Client Relations Consultant will return your call within the next business day)
Client Relations Consultant
Eastern Health 
Quality and Risk Management Department
Southcott Hall
100 Forest Road
St. John’s, NL A1A 1E5

The Central Region site only gives contact information for Client Relations Coordinator. There did not appear to be any information on the complaints process itself.

Your contact options are:

Phone: Toll free at 1-888-799-2272
Client Relations Coordinator,
Corporate Improvement,
50 Union Street,
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL A2A 2E1

Your contact options are:

Phone: (709) 637-5000, ext. 5642
Fax: (709) 637-5084
Quality Management and Research
P.O. Box 2005
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6J5

Appeals process

The Regional Health Authority lists no standard set of outcomes since each case is handled individually and is based on the complexity of the case. If the physician or medical practitioner feels that the result of the complaint is egregious, they may use the Hospital Appeal Board at the relevant institution.

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