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Northwest Territories

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Health and Social Services Complaints


The Northwest Territories are divided into eight Health Authorities, each one responsible for the complaints process within their jurisdiction. The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services (HSS) division maintains these Health Authorities.

Helpful tips for navigating the site

An explanation of the complaints process is found on the Health and Social Services (HSS) website in the section Health Care Service Complaints. The page provides a link to contact information for each of the eight Health Authorities.

The page focuses on concerns regarding health care professionals, providing contact information for the regulating bodies of a selection of medical professionals in the North West Territories. These include; registered nurses, physicians, dentists, pharmacists and midwives. For concerns about other regulated health professionals the site suggests contacting the Professional Licensing Registrar. Websites, phone numbers, postal addresses and fax numbers are given.

Steps in the complaints process

  1. The HSS website encourages you to address your concerns with the health professional who provided your care.
  2. If this is not feasible or if this method does not lead to a resolution, your complaints may be filed through the HSS Authority responsible for the facility.
  3. In the instance that the HSS response is unsatisfactory, the complaint can be escalated to the relevant professional body.

Appeals process

The HSS Authority does not outline a standard set of outcomes, as each case is handled individually and is dependent on the nature and complexity of the file. The Authority also does not provide a description of the appeals process.

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