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Health PEI


In PEI, all healthcare is delivered through a single, integrated system of care. Health PEI is a Crown Corporation, governed by the Health PEI Board. The Board works to ensure that approved programs are delivered appropriately and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Minister of Health and Wellness.

The province recently established and made available clear complaint procedures as part of its Quality Review Process. The process involves a Quality/Risk Coordinator who is responsible for completing a report based on a review of a patient's feedback. Recommendations for improvements are made based on the input of those involved in the issue under investigation (healthcare workers, the patient and their family). Recommendations will also consider previous incident reviews, evidence from best practices used at other sites, as well as current clinical standards.

How to navigate the website

On the Health PEI website, there is a section for Compliments and Complaints. All types of concerns, questions and complaints are accepted and can be submitted online, through a form on the site. A downloadable PDF of the Compliments and Complaints brochure is available on the site and copies of the brochure can also be found in all hospitals. This brochure details the complaints procedure.

Steps in the complaints process

  1. A complaint is best addressed and resolved at the time and place of occurrence by contacting the person who provided the service or the manager of that area.
  2. If a formal complaint is filed, the service area will record the concern and then contact you to set up a meeting. The health-care professionals involved will also be contacted.
  3. After the meeting, the Executive Director for the area will decide whether a quality review is required. If it is, a Quality Improvement Committee is formed.
  4. The Committee will work with the you (and possibly your family members) to try to resolve the issue. An investigation will be undertaken using all the information gathered from the involved parties as well as select experts.

(N.B. Discussions which are part of the review are confidential. It has been shown that the promise of confidentiality allows those involved to feel free to express themselves without fear that the information will be used against them. Insight gained will be used to improve quality and increase patient safety, however, details of the review will not be made public.)

  1. The Quality/Risk Coordinator completes a report and makes recommendations for improvement.
  2. The Executive Director receives the report and signs to accept responsibility for the implementation of recommendations. The Quality/Risk Coordinator ensures the recommendations are carried out.
  3. A private meeting is arranged with you and (if you would like) your family to discuss the recommended improvements.

Appeals process

An explanation of decisions and actions taken as a result of the complaint will be provided to the complainant. If the issue is not resolved in a satisfactory manner, the complaint can be brought to the CEO and Board of Health PEI.

Who's invovled (apart from the complainant)

The service provider, and manager of the specified area are involved.

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