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Saskatchewan General Information & Process Outline

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The Saskatchewan Minister of Health oversees the delivery of services as coordinated by Saskatchewan Health. The province is divided into 12 Regional Health authorities, their affiliated organizations and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Each region and the Cancer Agency has its own Quality of Care Coordinator (QCC) who handles complaints related to acute care hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health and addictions and ambulance services in that jurisdiction.

Presently all coordinators have a background in social work and many have experience in upper management. All of the Regional Coordinators report to a Provincial Quality of Care Coordinator. Saskatchewan also has a provincial ombudsman who has jurisdiction over the Ministry of Health, the Health Authorities and the Cancer Agency.

Helpful tips for navigating the site

All health region contact information for Quality of Care Offices is available on the Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health website in the Programs and Services section under Concerns about Health care you Receive.

The Quality of Care Coordinator can answer questions about services and help make patients aware of their rights and options. They investigate, and monitors patient and/or public concerns and will review services accordingly. Contact information for the Provincial QCC is found at the bottom of the list of Regional QCC's.

The Ombudsman's contact information and background information is found on the Ombudsman Saskatchewan site in the Where to Complain section under Health.

Steps in complaints process

Complaints are submitted to the Quality Care Coordinator at the Health Region.

  1. You are encouraged to try and resolve the concern as soon as possible by discussing it directly with the health care provider involved or with their supervisor.
  2. Once a concern is officially submitted, the Quality Care Coordinator determines if it is within their jurisdiction. If the concern is physician related, the complainant must authorize the release of information and medical documentation.
  3. If the concern is about a service, a memo is sent to the physician’s manager (if applicable) and a response is requested.
  4. The Care Coordinator will speak with the complainant’s health care team and make a decision regarding the file.
  5. If these steps do not provide satisfactory results, you can call a Provincial Quality of Care Coordinator.
  6. If  the complainant does not feel that the complaint was handled fairly, and other avenues of appeal proved ineffective, complaints about public services can be investigated by the Office of the Provincial Ombudsman.

How long will this take?

Depending on the issue, complaints may be resolved within the day. Provincial standards state that it must be resolved within 30, while health regions suggest a time-line of 20 days.

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