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Hospital Corporation Complaints

Yukon Medical Council, Complaints Process


Complaints are handled through the Yukon Hospital Corporation (YHC) network, and information regarding the process can be found on their website in English. The YHC will eventually include Whitehorse General Hospital, Watson Lake Hospital, the Dawson City Hospital. Construction of the two latter hospitals is underway and the YHC states that Watson Lake Hospital's opening is set for Spring 2013. Although it does not have jurisdiction over other non-hospital health facilities and practitioners in the Yukon, the YHC Strategic Plan (2009-2013) states that efforts are underway to establish networks with health-care partners in order to ensure effective and comprehensive care for patients. The YHC provides a list of patient rights and responsibilities which includes the right to raise any concerns or complaints regarding care or safety.

Helpful tips for navigating the site

Complaints and compliments procedure are found under the main menu heading Quality & Safe Care. Since it is currently the only functioning hospital within the YHC, the listed protocol refers specifically Whitehorse General.

Steps in complaints process and timeline

Hard copies of official Complaints/Compliments forms are available in the Whitehorse General Hospital's atrium across from Admitting & Discharge. The form can be filled out and placed directly in the locked drop box. Alternatively, you can phone, write or email the assistant with Quality Improvement/Risk Assessment, Rowena Beckett at:

Whitehorse General Hospital
#5 Hospital Rd.
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 3H7
(867) 393-8980

How long will all this take?

The Yukon Hospital Cooperation handles each case individually and the procedure depends on the nature and complexity of the concern filed. No standard outcomes or time lines are outlined.

Who's involved (apart from the complainant)

Parties involved are: the Quality Improvement and Risk Management Office at the Yukon Hospital Cooperation, the relevant hospital staff or service provider, and the Yukon Ombudsman.

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