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Resources for healthcare providers

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Practical Wisdom Tools are two-page documents that provide simple guidelines for how healthcare providers can improve patient experiences in hospitals (and in some cases, in other healthcare environments as well), all based on research. These are compiled by Alberta Health Services, and endorsed by Patients Canada and Alberta Health Services Patient & Family Advisory Group.

For healthcare providers

Bedside Shift Report outlines how health care providers can handle change-of-shift communications in a way that puts patient safety first.

Bedside Shift Report PDF423 KB

Better Together: Partnering with Families is a North American campaign encouraging hospitals to review their visiting policies with a view to adopting family presence policies. The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) initiated a collaboration of like-minded organizations - including Patients Canada - to bring attention to the value of family presence policies and encourage hospitals to adopt this patient-centred policy.

Together we're calling on hospitals nationwide to take the pledge and begin the process of implementing the family presence policy innovation as a practical step towards delivering more patient and family-centred care.

Comfort Rounds looks at how to improve patient safety, patient experience and reduce call bells using the 4 P's: Positioning, Potty, Pain and Possessions.

Comfort Rounds PDF464 KB

Compassionate Communication offers ideas for questions that can be used to help cultivate mutual respect and show empathy.

Compassionate Communication PDF698 KB

Creating Patient Information Brochures suggests that to create better patient information materials, you should involve patients in creating them.

Creating Patient Information Brochures PDF322 KB

Culture Change Toolbox, created by B.C. Patient Safety & Quality Council, is designed to facilitate cultural change toward clinical care improvement within health care provider communities and institutions. It includes tools and processes to analyze to improve patient safety and to foster a positive teamwork climate, as well as some techniques for generating ideas locally.

3,764 KB

Dignity Conserving Care is a tool that outlines the Attitude, Behaviour, Compassion and Dialogue that are part of the humanity of healthcare.

Dignity Conserving Care PDF338 KB

Emotional Care Pathways shows how to identify a patient's anxiety points for the purpose of reducing anxiety as much as possible.

Emotional Care Pathways PDF451 KB

Engaging Patient Advisors offers tips on how an organization can start to involve Patient & Family Advisors.

Engaging Patient Advisors PDF327 KB

The Experience-Based Co-Design Toolkit is an approach that enables health care professionals and patients (or other service users) to co-design services and/or care pathways, together in partnership. The approach is different to other service improvement techniques.

Created by the King's Fund, this toolkit includes short videos from health care professionals and patients involved in EBCD projects to help bring to life the successes and intense rewards of running this type of improvement project. It also includes downloadable resources such as template forms, letters, presentations and other materials that support successful implementation of this approach.

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