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For Patients and Caregivers

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Patient communities and blogs

Both peer sites and sites sponsored by healthcare organizations in support of patients and caregivers.

"How To" Health Guide was developed to assist patients, caregivers, friends and families in managing information about the Canadian health care system, which can often be challenging to navigate.

CCHA is an organization of patients with a congenital heart defect, their friends, families and the medical community.

CEA is a Canada-wide network of grassroots organizations dedicated to the promotion of independence and quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families.

A Cautious Patient Community is a local group in the U.S. where patients and families learn how to be informed and involved in their healthcare. This leads to better healthcare outcomes, as well as a sense of no longer being an outsider in your own care.

Champions for Community Mental Wellness was created in 2014 by Karen Copeland. Champions is committed to changing the conversation in our communities about child, youth and family mental health and wellness by sharing personal experiences, resources and tips online via this website, social media channels, speaking engagements and interviews with media.

Connected in Motion is a community of people with Type 1 diabetes who share a vision to create a culture of support and engagement in diabetes self-management through peer-based experiential diabetes education, physical activity and outdoor adventure pursuits.

Drugwatch.com is a comprehensive resource about dangerous side effects and complications from commonly prescribed drugs and oft-used medical devices.

ForaHealthyMe.com provides comprehensive medically-validated information, health-management tools to track, record and report on your journey to health, tools to share your progress and communicate with family caregivers and convenient and easy tools to schedule,  and medical appointments and consultations.

Health Gateway is a Canadian online resource centre designed to meet health information and support needs common to people living with complex chronic illnesses and episodic disabilities and their loved ones in Ontario (episodic disabilities may include: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, some forms of mental illness and cancer)

Help with Healthcare provides patient advocacy services for Canadians to help navigate the healthcare system.

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what is a patient?

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