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January 2013
KPIs: Toward a better patient experience
Jan 18, 2013 11:32 PM

OPEN MEETING: Jan 17, 2013 During last night's Open Meeting, we had a discussion about key performance indicators (KPIs) for patient and family centred care. Participants discussed their experiences as patients and family caregivers, and how those experiences might have been better. We broke up into groups to discuss how we could turn those insights into measures of the healthcare experience - identifying key performance indicators that could be applied to the system to make it more patient-friendly. See some of those recommendations below!

Outcome Measures Should Reflect Quality of Life

  • Individualized, based on a conversation between the patient and provider about how the patient wants to feel after treatment
  • Quality of Life Indicators should be revisited and developed over time

Education Should be Available to help Patients and Family Members Navigate the System

  • Teach patients and family members to advocate for themselves
  • Programs in place that teach volunteers how to advocate for patients who are alone

Finding a General Practitioner
(especially for "difficult" patients - patients who are seniors, have mental health issues, or have chronic conditions)

  • Can you find a General Practitioner?
  • How long does it take to secure a General Practitioner?

Patient Interactions with Providers

  • Can you book a medical appointment online?
  • How long do you have to wait for an appointment?
  • Can you communicate with your provider by phone or email?
  • Were you handed a treatment plan?
  • Were test results delivered within 24 hours?
  • Were test results explained to the patient?

One Stop Care

  • Can you get all of the appointments, tests, procedures, etc. that you need within the family health practice or the hospital?

Recognition that Patients have Families

  • Family members who are acting as caregivers need to be informed about treatment plans, etc.
  • Family members can be present if the patient wants them there eg. no visiting hours, family can always visit

Continuity of Relationship with your Provider/Health Team

  • Same personnel is present throughout care

Methods of Communication that are more Accessible

  • Ensuring that every patient can understand procedures, directions, etc.

Continuing Medical Education Required of all Physicians

  • Currently some doctors are not required to complete continuing education courses - it should be a requirement across the board

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