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Patients' Choice Awards

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The Patients’ Choice Awards is a celebration of health care providers who exemplify a commitment to providing the quality of care that patients value—care that reflects patient priorities, values and preferences. Patients Canada, with support from the Ontario Medical Association, has publicly acknowledged more than 30 providers in diverse communities across Ontario with this prestigious award.

The value of strong patient-provider relationships is at the core of this initiative. Patients submit narrative-based nominations that speak to why their family doctor or specialist patient-centred care, and another group of patients determine the winners.

Patients' Choice Awards

So far we have recognized the following family physicians and specialists:

  • Dr. Susan Mather
  • Dr. Anthony Lena
Timmins, 2015
  • Dr. Jaclyn Bernardi
  • Dr. Stephen Morgan
  • Dr. John O'Mahony
  • Dr. Boulos Ghazarian
  • Dr. Kenneth Yoshida
  • Dr. Sonja Burgel
  • North Lambton Community Health Centre
Hamilton, 2014
  • Dr. Trevor Kwok
  • Dr. Eldon Tunks
Sarnia-Lambton, 2013:
  • Dr. Dave Kim
  • Dr. Robert Borek
South East Ontario, 2013:
  • Dr. Sandra Cowan
  • Dr. David Ruggles
  • Dr. Sheryl French
  • Dr. Peter Brown
  • Dr. John Rudan
  • Dr. Conrad Watters
  • Heidi Linley
North West Ontario, 2012:
  • Dr. Andrew Siren
  • Dr. Adam Moir
Sarnia-LAMBTON, 2012:
  • Dr. Anil Duggal
  • Dr. Jaishree Uppal
Ottawa, 2012:
  • Dr. Evelyn Honsl
  • Dr. Robin Boushey
Sarnia, 2011:
  • Dr. Cynthia Arnold
  • Dr. Glen Maddison
Windsor, 2011:
  • Dr. Kouslai Naidoo
  • Dr. Barry Emara
Peterborough, 2010:
  • Dr. Carolyn Brown
  • Dr. David Newport
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