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Hamilton awards 2014

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January 17, 2014

Award winners Dr. Trevor Kwok and Dr. Eldon Tunks with Sholom Glouberman, President of Patients Canada, and Dr. Scott Wooder, President-elect of the Ontario Medical Association.

Patients and caregivers nominate the candidates in their community by writing about their experiences with their provider. Another group of patients judge the entries and decide the winners.

Read one of the nomination letters for Dr. Eldon Tunks below.

One of Dr. Eldon Tunks' patients submitted this heartfelt nomination for Hamilton's 2014 Patients' Choice Awards:

'I nominate Dr. Eldon Tunks, Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Hamilton General Hospital: Here's why in words full of the passion this gentleman has for all his patients. Caring Persistent, thorough, active listening, options, explanation...and the big ones...partner and hope. I took a short, sad trip from a senior academic, conductor, voice teacher, Dean of Arts, type A to a deaf, type D man with serious chronic pain facing a cluster of dead ends.'

'Dr. Tunks became my partner in discovering what I could do. He helped me understand that the choices were mine to make... I now look toward what I can do, not what I cannot.'

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