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Along with staff, current residents and their families, Patients Canada is making positive changes to the admissions process to the Apotex Centre, Baycrest’s long term care facility, to ensure that the transition is sensitive to the needs of residents and their families. On the day of moving in, family members worried about leaving their parent in a new environment; they were required to do a great deal of time consuming paperwork, and they were given little help in moving furniture and other possessions into the room.

Since inviting families to the conversation, the paperwork for the admission process has been simplified and streamlined, and staff is on hand to help move furniture. A meeting with care providers gives them a chance to meet their caregivers and voice some of their concerns. Perhaps most significantly, volunteers who themselves have experienced the anxiety of moving in a family member, are available to support and serve as mentors to new families and a buddy system allows new residents to meet other people quickly.

With the ongoing participation of resident and their families, our goal is to make the day of moving in a positive experience for everyone.

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