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June 2013
"Just relax and try not to move"
Jun 12, 2013 11:14 AM

I almost laughed when I heard that. Of course, that might have made me move, so I remained "calm". Or as calm as I can be lying on my back with my shirt off in a doctor's office. One of the office's attendants was administering a test on me. Another was on the phone at a nearby desk calling patients to reschedule their appointments. Apparently the specialist was no longer available on an originally scheduled day and other patients were being called to be rescheduled. Obviously this was a very busy specialist and the concept of patient privacy had to be sacrificed. With privacy a dead issue, it should be no surprise that availability was quickly becoming just as scarce. Once the specialist actually met with me it was clear it could never really be guaranteed. The visit was about ten minutes long. I was in to see the specialist for follow-up on previous tests and to discuss results about a significant life-altering and threatening condition. Information was offered in very small doses. Two questions were answered with a decision to send me for two more tests, but no discussion. Other questions were answered almost defensively. Not once did the doctor seem to emit even a sound of assurance. Recommendations? Suggestions? Sure, if I led him to one he'd offer it. But ultimately, everything just was what it was and would have to now be monitored and tested and discussed only when and as the doctor felt it necessary. Shall we say, in six months? Sure, why not? I'll just relax and try not to move.


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